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Marketing Professional

Knoxville, TN



"Ten Bartram strum whimsical melodies at Square Room"
The Daily Beacon: 13 January 2014
Written by Megan Lange

"UT Opera performs bold, engaging comedic production"
The Daily Beacon: 19 November 2013
Written by Megan Lange

"Renewed culture helps jazz popularity rise in Knoxville"
The Daily Beacon: 12 November 2013
Written by Megan Lange

"Grammy-winning ensemble Chanticleer wows Knoxville crowd"
The Daily Beacon: 6 November 2013
Written by Megan Lange

"Maplehurst has 'milestone' showing during album debut"
The Daily Beacon: 4 November 2013
Written by Claire Dodson & Megan Lange

Appears In:

"People and Parties"
The Knoxville Magazine: November/December 2014, Volume 1: Issue 5

"Cafe 4, The Square Room, Cereus Bright"
Seen on The Local Traveler™: March 2014

"All That Jazz -- For Sertoma"
The Bearden Shopper: 9 September 2013
Written by Laura Cline


"The Milk Carton Kids soften up folk genre"
The Daily Beacon: 30 October 2013
Written by Claire Dodson

"Rector, Wells excite crowd at Bijou Theater"
The Daily Beacon: 11 October 2013
Written by Amanda Cleveland

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